Dušan Rajović advances to procontinental ranks


Serbian Dušan Rajović will leave Adria Mobil Cycling after the end of the season and will continue his racing career in the French procontinental team Delko Marseille Provence. Dušan left a big mark on the team from Novo mesto in the last years – with his big character and also 13 victories (he took five of them in 2019).


Team Adria Mobil is saying goodbye to another fantastic cyclists that developed in its ranks; team gave him great environment for development and advancement, in the same way as it happened in the past and is continuing to happen with the number of young talents. Adria Mobil will remain continental team that will help its riders on the way to elite racing and to compete against the best out there.

Dušan Rajović came to Novo mesto in 2017 and quickly connected with the team; with his Balkan temperament he made sure that things never got boring. Dušan has developed into the top-notch cyclists in these tree years and has a proof of that. He recently won a stage on CroRace where he was racing against many of the best sprinters in the world.

Dušan started his racing career in 2009 in Serbia, with team Metalac from Kraljevo. He got into racing because of his neighbor who was already a part of the team and also had a nice bicycle. He was quickly advancing under the mentorship of his first coach Radiša Čubrić. Radiša was driving Dušan all around Europe to get more experience. Before joining Adria Mobil, Dušan also spend a year in the UCI center for the development of the biggest talents from the countries where cycling is not as developed.

First coach Radiša Čubrić about Dušan: “On his first race in Niš he was in the breakaway for the whole day. He simply ‘froze’ because of the rain and cold and finished the race among the last. He didn’t take it well and was even crying, but I grabbed him and told him that he will be a good cyclist. He was winning the races in Serbia, but didn’t get invited to the national team, so I was taking him to the races, mostly to Belgium. He had other offers, but I suggested to join Adria Mobil when he came to the elite ranks. I’m sure that was the right decision.”

Of course Dušan is the one that has the last words in this story: “I felt like at home in Adria Mobil. They made a great cyclists out of me, and I can now win a lot of races. I’ve learned a lot here and got a lot of friends. Thank you all and see you out there on the road!”

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Photos: Mario Stiehl, Sportida, Adrian Noe