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Aljaž Jarc 37th, title goes to Italy
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Six Adria Mobil cyclists will race in Yorkshire

Dušan Rajović advances to procontinental ranks

Serbian Dušan Rajović will leave Adria Mobil Cycling after the end of the season and will continue his racing career in the French procontinental team Delko Marseille Provence. Dušan left a big mark on the team from Novo mesto in the last years – with his big character and also 13 victories (he took five of them in 2019). READ MORE...

Marko Kump started and finished the season with a victory

Grand Prix Avtomojster in Podsmreka was the last Slovenian road cycling race of the 2019 season. Team Adria Mobil took fifth consecutive victory on this race, this year’s edition was 70 kilometers long. Marko Kump won the sprint finish, but we’re also glad to see success of our Boštjan Murn, who won his last junior race. READ MORE...

Katrašnik’s crash casts a shadow over great results

Dušan Rajović sixth on the last stage with finish in Zagreb and Radoslav Rogina 10th in the overall standings. Good reasons to finish the CRO Tour satisfied, but all success is in the shadow of Gašper Katrašnik’s crash. He’s already sending smiles from the hospital, but only the further check-up will reveal the full extend of the injury. READ MORE...