Adria Mobil Cycling riders are training for Tour of Slovenia


Best Slovenian team of the modern era – and with five overall victories also the most successful cycling team in the history of Tour of Slovenia – Adria Mobil Cycling is eagerly training for the start of 24th edition of the race. Team has two experienced riders that can cause headaches to the best riders out there. There is still some time till the start of the race and Boštjan Mervar, team's mains strategists, still didn't decide who of the riders will have to watch the race from behind the TV screen.


Adria Mobil’s cyclists are currently in Planica, where they are getting ready for the next part of the season. This location in the region of Gorenjska is by now a traditional venue for the team summer camp. Heavy rain awaited the team on the day of arrival, but conditions got better from there on, they are almost perfect. There wasn’t a lot of snow in the winter, so all the mountain passes in the area are open and cyclists use this to full advantage.

Dušan Rajović, Serbian rider in the jersey of Adria’s team spent some time in the UCI’s cycling center in Switzerland and says that Slovenian mountains are much nicer than the Swiss. Meanwhile Grega Gazvoda and Radoslav Rogina made sure that he will remember the training ride to Mangart – they surprised him with couple of snowballs…

After exhausting training rides cyclists have time for a walk up to world famous ski jumping center in Planica, new center for Nordic sports and museum of ski jumping in Planica or to Zelenci, spring of river Sava Dolinka. Ahead of them is the last part of the training session, after that they are going for a race in Austria.

Coach Boštjan Mervar: “Training session in Planica is developing as planed, the weather is working with us and we have no problems. Unfortunately we don’t have Jure Golčer with us, he has problems with retina and doctors advised him not to join on high altitude training or hard training rides. He’ll start doing them in the next days. As far as I know Radoslav Rogina I see that he’s on the right pace now and will be ready for Tour of Slovenia. So far he didn’t show what he can really do. We still have to work with Dušan Rajović to get him absolutely ready for the sprints, and the rest of the team will help them.”