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Carlos Andres Becerra Alarcon (Bicicletas Strongman) from Colombia is the winner of mountains competition.



Winners of 3rd GP Adria Mobil:

  1. Antonio Parrinello (GM Europa Ovini)
  2. Nicola Gaffurini (Sangemini - Mg. K Vis)
  3. Stanislau Bazhkou (Minsk Cycling Club)



We have an unofficial information that Antonio Parrinello (GM Europa Ovini) had won the race, we’re waiting for confirmation.



First seven riders are in the last kilometer!



2 km to go!



Big group is now also in the last lap.



Leaders are crossing the finish area for the last time, next time we’ll get a race winner. Seven riders are still in the lead, seven more riders are about 20 seconds behind.



We’ll get a winner from a group of seven riders, the gap to bigger chasing group is still at 50 seconds.



7 km to go – Leading group is 50 seconds ahead of chasing group. One of the riders is between the two groups.



Lots of fans came to Novo mesto, finish is just minutes away.



Riders are back in Novo mesto, just three short loops to go!



20 km to go – Seven riders in the lead are 25 sec ahead of chasers.



25 km to go – leaders are 25 seconds ahead.



Leaders in two small groups are about 15 seconds ahead of chasing group, that is now smaller than before. This is the situation from top of the climb to Dolž.



Group has caught the two escapees, we’re waiting for the new attacks on the last part of the climb. It’s very steep there.



Two riders have a 15 second lead right now, just before final climb to Dolž. These riders are Michele Gazzara (Sangemini - Mg. K Vis) and Antonio Parrinello (GM Europa Ovini).



30 kilometers will remain after riders will cross the Dolž for the seconds and last time. There will be three loops in the city center, something that is always very exciting for the fans.



Riders are on their second climb to Gabrje and then Dolž. First and second group are now in one bigger leading group, we expect more attacks any time now.


First group of 17 cyclists are now about 50 seconds ahead of even bigger group, we don’t have a good information what is going on further behind. Climbs are already in sight.



Group is approaching Otočec, team radio says that the gap between the first and second group is now one minute and 10 seconds.



Pace of the race is high, fastest should be in the finish at around 16:30-16.40. You still have time to make it to the finish area, but not that the roads around it are closed.



Adria Mobil has Jure Golčer in the first group, with more climbs to go he’s in a good position for attack and good result. Gap is no 55 seconds.



Group of 19 riders has been formed in the front, they have a 40 sec gap ahead of next group.



First and second group are now 30 seconds apart. Riders are coming back to Novo mesto, but they will do another big loop with lots of climbing before they go back to the city for the last time. There they will have to do three more laps.


Riders crossed Dolž for the first time, peloton is now split in several small groups. Race leaders are about 200 meters ahead of bigger group, many riders are in between.



We’re back after an area with poor connection. Peleton is again together and on the climb to Gaberje (390 m) and Dolž (451 m).


Two riders had a very small gap at Otočec. At this point we could not call it an escape.


First group is very big, with riders from different teams. First of the two big loops is now ahead of the riders. This means riders will have to climb to Gabrje and Dolž twice.



We now have two groups on the race, the gap between them is around one minute. We’re waiting for more info about number of riders in the first group.



Results - mountain finish on Vahta (616 m):

  1. Carlos Andres Becerra Alarcon (Bicicletas Strongman)
  2. Tadej Pogačar (Rog - Ljubljana)
  3. Oscar Eduardo Sanchez Guarin (Bicicletas Strongman)
  4. Kirill Pozdnyakov (Synergy Baku Cycling Project)



Small group is now in the breakaway on the climb to Vahta, but they have a minimal lead. We'll give you names as soon as we get them.



Riders are climbing from Semič to Vahta. Group is still together, team Bicicletas Strongman is dictating the pace.



Group is still riding together, we are now down from Brezovica and already on the start to the climb to Vahta (615 m).



Mountain finish on Brezovica (Colombians took the top places!):
1. Carlos Andres Becerra Alarcon (Bicicletas Strongman)
2. Oscar Eduardo Sanchez Guarin (Bicicletas Strongman)
3. Steven Calderon Porras (Bicicletas Strongman)
4. Jure Golčer (Adria Mobil)



500 meters till the top of the climb to Brezovica, the group is still together.



Simone Bernardini (Sangemini - Mg. K Vis) has left the race.



Riders are on the start of the climb to Brezovica (538 m), riders will have to climb for just over 350 altitude meters.



Pace in the peloton is rising, the group is now spread across a long distance, but still compact. Riders want to get in the good position ahead of the first climb.



Riders in the escape group are: Dusan Rajovic (Adria Mobil), Jodok Salzmann (WSA - Greenlife), Kirill Pozdnyakov (Synergy Baku Cycling Project), Jonathan Caicedo Cepeda (Bicicletas Strongman). They are about 50 m ahead of the group now, they will be caught soon.



Four riders are now in the escape, they are about 200 m ahead of the group.



We are at Soteska, for now the group is riding together. We expect first attacks on the first climb.



Two riders are already DNF – they crashed in the first kilometers of the race. They are Paul Redtenbacher (Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang) and Gregor Matija Černe (KK Grega Bole Bled).



183 km are ahead of us today, with many climbs. After 16 km the first climb to Brezovica (538 m) will begin, climb to Vahta (615 m) will start right after that.



We are on 0 kilometer, the race is ON!



Just minutes away from the start of the race. From now on we'll go in English version only. We'll try to give you as much updates as possible, a lot depends on the mobile coverage and the amount of information we get from the race.


Team Adria Mobil Cycling will race in special retro jerseys - in honor of 45th anniversary of the club.

Ekipa Adria Mobil bo danes dirkala v posebnih retro dresih - v čast 45. obletnice kluba.


In line with the tradition all riders have to sign the board and step on stage to introduce them selfs. Team Rog Ljubljana on the picture.


V skladu s tradicijo se pred dirko tekmovalci podpišejo na tablo in se na odru predstavijo občinstvu. Na sliki ekipa Rog Ljubljana.


Race start from Adria Mobil factory in Novo mesto - excatlly at 12:30. First kilometer will be closed ride, then it stars for real.


Štart dirke izpred tovarne Adrie Mobil v Novem mestu - točno ob 12.30. Prvi kilometer bo vožnja zaprta, nato se začne zares.



Official start list for 3rd GP Adria Mobil: START LIST


Uradna štartna lista za 3. VN Adrie Mobil: ŠTARTNA LISTA



Course, time plan, profile... everything you need to know about the today's race: LINK TO RACE BULLETIN


Trasa, časovnica, profil ... vse kar rabite vedeti o današnji dirki: POVEZAVA DO BILTENA


At least 188 riders from 25 countries will start 3rd edition of Grand Prix Adria Mobil. Full news >>
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Na štartu 3. izvedbe dirke za Veliko nagrado Adrie Mobil bo vsaj 188 kolesarjev iz 25 držav. Celotna novica >>


Ekipa se že veseli dirke za Veliko nagrado Adrie Mobil, ki bo na sporedu v nedeljo, 2. aprila.
Team is already looking forward to Grand Prix Adria Mobil that will take place on 2nd April.

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