Katrašnik’s crash casts a shadow over great results


Dušan Rajović sixth on the last stage with finish in Zagreb and Radoslav Rogina 10th in the overall standings. Good reasons to finish the CRO Tour satisfied, but all success is in the shadow of Gašper Katrašnik’s crash. He’s already sending smiles from the hospital, but only the further check-up will reveal the full extend of the injury.


Last stage of the CRO Race took cyclists from Sveta Nedelja near Zagreb to the city center of the Croatia capital. In between there were 160 kilometers of flat racing, perfect basis for the sprint finish. But it wasn’t a classical sprint finish, the peloton broke apart in several small group. Italian Alessandro Fedeli was the fastest, he crossed the finish line two seconds ahead of the next three riders. Adria Mobil’s Dušan Rajović came in with the next group that was five seconds behind, he took 6th place.

Adam Yates is the overall winner of the race, Adria Mobil’s highest ranked cyclists is Radoslav Rogina in 10th place. This is great result for him on the home race and a proof that he can still be competitive on the hard races.

Team Adria Mobil won two stages thanks to Marko Kump and Dušan Rajović, but the overall impression of the race is spoiled after today’s crash of Gašper Katrašnik. Sports director Branko Filip commented the results and was also critical towards the organizers: “We’re happy with the results in Croatia, our riders were amazing all week long. We’re in the very top, we’re strong and we played good tactics. The whole team deserves praise – cyclists and staff. I don’t know what exactly happened in the today’s sprint, but it was a power battle for sure. We’re hoping for another good result from Kump or Rajović, Dušan felt especially well. Unfortunately Gašper Katrašnik crashed and spoiled the impression of the whole race. He crashed on the pre-last lap around Zagreb, about eight kilometers till the end of the race. He hit the unsecured plastic obstacle on the road at full speed, after cyclists ahead of him just managed to avoid it. It was very hard crash, Gašper is fortunately tough and is at full consciousness and on the additional examinations. I personally was with him shorty after the crash and was outraged that nobody was there to help him. He was treated only after we stopped the emergency vehicle on the end of the caravan. These are things that are not acceptable. Safety of the cyclists should always come first, show comes only later.”


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Photos: Mario Stiehl, team