Ahead of Greek-Croatian race weekend


Cycling season is in full swing. Adria Mobil Cycling is racing on two races in the next days – on International Tour of Rhodes in Greece and Poreč Trophy in Croatia. We expect great results on both fronts.


Team on island of Rhodes is ready for the next race, Radoslav Rogina, Dušan Rajović, Aljaž Jarc, Žiga Horvat & Gorazd Per will race 3-day race Tour of Rhodes that starts on Friday. Race is not very difficult, which means every outcome is possible, maybe the sprinters will decide on the overall winner. Radoslav Rogina is our favorite for the climbs, and Dušan Rajović for the sprints.

Other half of the Adria Mobil team will race in Poreč – with Marko Kump, Žiga Grošelj, Gašper Katrašnik, Aljaž Omrzel, Jon Božič & David Per. Race from Labinci to Tar is similar to Umag Trophy, just harder. Especially challenging is the finish climb to Tar – no tactics come in play there, only brutal force. Marko Kump already won this race in the past and we hope that he’ll do it again this year.

Adria Mobil Cycling
Photos: archive, Mario Stiehl