Adria Mobil Cycling on the case of Jani Brajkovič


Official team statement about the UCI’s anti-doping rule violation case against Jani Brajkovič.


In July 2018 Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) informed team Adria Mobil Cycling about the positive anti-doping test of Jani Brajkovič; the sample for the test has been taken in April 2018. There was an increased presence of Methylhexaneamine in his sample, but due to the amount and type of the substance this didn’t lead to direct & immediate suspense of the cyclist. Upon agreement with the cyclists, UCI and in line with team policies the cyclist stopped competing right away. According to UCI’s anti-doping rules for this kind of offense the immediate suspense of the rider was not necessary. Cyclist was cooperating with the UCI in the process of proving the source of the prohibited substance that came into his sample. Jani Brajkovič proved that he had increased presence of Methylhexaneamine due to his carelessness – on his own he bought dietary supplement online, and it was contaminated with the substance in question. There was no description on the product that would indicate the presence of the substance.

Sentence for this kind of violation is competition ban for 24 months, but UCI reduced Brajkovič’s penalty to 10 months – due to the way of how the prohibited substance came into his body and his cooperation. In line with the verdict UCI will delete all of the Jani Brajkovič’s result from 2018 Tour of Croatia that took place in April 2018, but not the results after that race. Brajkovič accepted the verdict, the 10-month period in which he’s not allowed to race started on 2nd August 2018.

Jani Brajkovič and Adria Mobil Cycling didn't sign a contract for 2019 season.

Adria Mobil Cycling
Bogdan Fink, Club Director