Golčer and Gazvoda will retire from professional racing


Continental team Adria Mobil will face several changes ahead of the new racing season, among other it will face a further change of generations. Two veterans of the Adria Mobil Cycling – Jure Golčer & Grega Gazvoda will put their racing bikes in the corner.


Changes were expected, especially after Jure Golčer announced that this is his last racing season. Jure won 2008 Tour of Slovenia and took the national title back in 2006, but at the age of 40 it’s time to say goodbye from professional peloton. Can you imagine – he’s been race for more than a quarter of a century!
Grega Gazvoda didn’t won Slovenian tour, but he did celebrate the victory on 2011 Tour of Qinghai Lake in China and was excellent in the time-trial. Grega is co-founder of the Coffee Iconic brand and will now focus all of his energy to this project.

Jure Golčer summed the emotions and thoughts in couple of sentences: “From when I was 14 cycling (was) a huge part of my life. I’ve seen a big part of the world in this time and meet a lot of people, some of them are friends for life. But cycling is a sport that ask for the full commitment and a lot of selfishness, something that became harder and harder at my age. Decision to retire was in me for several years, and this year the time has come. When I take a look back I’m not happy just for my victories and my success, but also for the achievements of my colleagues that always get the best help I could provide. I want to thank all the people and teams that were supporting me from my times in mountain biking all the way to the years in Adria Mobil. This team has also enabled me to finish the racing career at the time, and on the way I wanted.
But I’ll not retire yet, I’ll start my work in the dental office. I’ll still have time for riding and for sure I’ll continue to support this sport.”

Team management would like to thank both cyclists for their commitment and effort on the way to several historic achievements of the team. But there will not be just young riders on the team, Croatian veteran Radoslav Rogina is still there to keep the youngster under the control.

Adria Mobil Cycling
Photos: Sportida, Mario Stiehl