Božič & Horvat out of luck on Ronde van Vlaanderen Beloften


Jon & Žiga were racing Ronde van Vlaanderen Beloften over the past weekend, this time in the jersey of Slovenian national team. Jon was very active on the race, but didn’t had much luck in the finish.


Almost 166 kilometers long Ronde van Vlaanderen Beloften is not a brutal as the classical “Vlaanderen” that is part of the World Tour, but it’s not far behind – thanks to many steep climbs and everything than perfect road conditions.

Adria’s Jon Božič and Žiga Horvat were racing for the national team this weekend. Jon was very active on the race and was feeling strong almost till the end, but got cramps and finished the race in 76th place. Žiga also got his share of bad luck and finished the race in 53rd.

Žiga Horvat: “Božič was in the escape for most of the day, I was in the front row of the peloton. There was a crash before we came to Kwaremontom and I lost my position, big group got then split in half on the climb and I was stuck in the second. All of this happened just 30 kilometers before the finish and we couldn’t catch the leaders.”

Jon Božič: “I decided I’ll try to make a breakaway before the race even started. There were several breakaways attempts right from the start, but Belgian team neutralized all of them. An hour into the race and everything became a little more peaceful. Belgian were controlling the pace when Austrian Gamper attacked and I knew that I can get a long way with him, he’s very good on time trials. We’re alone till 60 kilometers till the end, when we got a company of Danis and Polish cyclists. We already had a gap of a minute and 40 seconds, with 8 cyclists closing in. They had caught us just before the hardest part of the race – climb on Kwaremondm. I followed them without problems, but as we were closing in on Paterberk I felt I might get cramps. I came to the top of this climb about 50 meters behind the fastest, but then it happened… I really got cramps and had to back down. Peloton caught me, I was with them for about 15 kilometers, then I lost a contact with them. I finished the race in the last group that managed to came to the finish line. There were just over 80 of us who finished the race, which shows how hard it was. I’m disappointed about the result, I’m in good shape and I expected more.”

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Photos: Mario Stiehl