Adria Mobil Cycling

Sonja Gole, generalna direktorica Adrie Mobil


Getting to the top and staying there.

The Adria Mobil Cycling Team have demonstrated time and time again that both the members of its professional structure as well as the whole new generation of the team and its leadership have more than lived up to the expectations and the trust that the sponsors have placed in them for all these years. The company Adia Mobil has been playing the role of the main sponsor for 12 years in a row, although the cooperation with the best cycling team in Dolenjska as well as the best cycling club in Slovenia (for the past 8 years), had already started several decades before. With hard work and with a full measure of responsibility, our riders have been consistently achieving ambitious goals that are the source of exceptional pride for them and for us. We wish to congratulate the team and the entire management for these excellent results and compliment the fact that this team has been building this story of success for 45 years. It provides future generations with an illuminating example on how it is possible to get to the top and more importantly remain on top through effort, enthusiasm, patience, and a brimful of expertise and experience – this in fact applies to any field of work or life.

Bogdan Fink, Manager of Adria Mobil Cycling Team


Fact that we won the last race of previous season is an excellent sign for start of the new season and for the first races which we will attend on Slovenian and Croatian coast. In our continental team we have some new riders, for which we are sure to perform well. We have to pass World Championship qualification series for Team Time Trial and we want good performances on Tour of Slovenia and on National Championship.

We are glad that in Cycling Club Adria Mobil we have an increasing number of youth, what are good prospects for the future. Coaches of younger selections obviously work excellent and cycling is more and more popular sport among young people.

Here I would also like to thank to our loyal sponsors who stand by us. We will do our best to continue delight them.

Mojca Novak, President of Adria Mobil Cycling Team


Dear members, sponsors and friends of our cycling team,

The Adria Mobil Cycling Team is celebrating 45 years since the establishment of the Novo mesto cycling club. Since actions speak louder than words, it should be pointed out that the club’s path of development has been intertwined with many excellent achievements, victories, national and European championship titles, while the organization of cycling competitions at the international level and the training of young cyclists round off the identity and the mission of the club, which is currently regarded as the best cycling team in Slovenia.

The club is entering this new anniversary season with a revitalized team and ambitious goals. However, we are aware that the road ahead is winding and that it will take us through ups and downs, while testing our body and mind. We are aware that nothing has been easy so far nor do we expect it to be easy in the future, yet we will continue to aim high, knowing that we are not alone on our path – whereas cycling is done by individuals, competing and winning can only be achieved through well-balanced teamwork.

Finally, I wish to thank all those who contribute to the functioning of the club – sponsors, cyclists, families, coaches, mechanics, physiotherapists, club workers, fans – and provide us with momentum. We will continue doing our best to justify your trust.