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Sonja Gole

Sonja Gole
General manager of Adria Mobil

Foreword of Sonje Gole,
General manager of Adria Mobil

For the sixteenth year in a row, Adria Mobil has been supporting the Novo mesto cycling club as a general sponsor.

Adria Mobil with the renewed mission „We inspire for memorable mobile leisure time experiences“ has a special bond with the club that inspires and motivates generations of cyclists to constantly progress in the spirit of teamwork, honesty and tolerance and prove to themselves and others that they are able to reach the highest places even in extremely difficult and demanding competitions. At the same time, I congratulate the club and the riders for the achievements of last season, which was not easy, but they managed to achieve quite a few visible results in all categories, which is undoubtedly proof of the solid foundations of the club and dedicated and quality work.

As a general sponsor, Adria Mobil has high expectations for the upcoming season - with a rejuvenated team and a new captain, we hope for quality races and high rankings, a high-level performance at the Adria Mobil Grand Prix, as well as other events organized by the club. We want to see the traditional „green ribbon“ (Tour of Slovenia) on Slovenian roads again after a one-year break, which the club has been organizing for 26 years already and which has been seen by a multimillion audience around the world in recent years. And finally, I wish the cycling team high motivation, a lot of wind in their backs and important sports achievements that will write a new, successful chapter of the Adria Mobil Cycling Club.

Foreword Mojce Novak,
President of Adria Mobil Cycling Team

Dear cyclists, sponsors, members and friends of the cycling club!

The situation related to the corona virus pandemic decimated both cycling and other sporting events last year. That is why I am all the happier that the Adria Mobil Cycling Club successfully overcame this period, maintaining a high level of quality work with the professional team and other selections, even though the trainings were mostly individual. At the same time, we recognized and took advantage of the opportunities, as during this time the virtual cycling races were well established, where now, with the organization of the virtual Tour of Slovenia, our club is active as well with the aim of achieving even greater international recognition among cycling fans.

The Adria Mobil cycling club is entering the new season well rejuvenated, as three members from the junior selection have joined the professional team, who have paved their entire cycling career at the home club and are representatives of the new, upcoming generation of cyclists, which completes the club‘s efforts and work in the field of development of young talents. With a new sports director, a new serviceman and a rejuvenated team, our club is entering a new season with realistic but ambitious goals and with strong desire to give their best in every race.

Based on the values of „fair play“ and hard work, the Adria Mobil Cycling Club will be creating the future of cycling in terms of sports development and in terms of sustainable mobility, and thus justify the trust of our members, sponsors and fans.

Mojca Novak

Mojca Novak
President of the Adria Mobil Cycling Team

Bogdan Fink

Bogdan Fink
Director of Cycling team Adria Mobil

Foreword Bogdana Finka,
Director of Adria Mobil Cycling Team

After the outbreak of the epidemic that marked the whole world last year, with cycling being no exemption, we want the coming cycling season to be calmer, not to be marked by as many cancellations of competitions as happened last year, and to continue to carry out our mission in the field of educating young cyclists and organizing sports events, as well as competitions in all categories.

The Adria Mobil continental team is rejuvenated this season, but still extremely ambitious and eager to prove themselves. The club has been the best in the country in the last decade and our goal is to keep that primacy.

The new sports director of the Continental team is Marko Kump, a legend of the Novo mesto cycling club, the rider with the most UCI victories in the long history of the club. This position presents a new chapter in his successful professional career and I am confident in the success of the entire team. The goals are similar to the past - victories in categorized races in Slovenia and abroad, the top ten in Tour of Slovenia and podiums in the national championship. The acquisition from the last two years - the Novo mesto velodrome - is already extremely positive in the training process and in the results of our cyclists. When the situation calms down, we also plan to organize several matches in this extremely beautiful sports hall.

A big and sincere thank you for many years of sponsorship and trust goes to the general sponsor, Adria Mobil, d. o. o., Novo mesto, and all other sponsors and partners of the club. A big thank you also goes to our fans for all the support so far, with the desire to see you on the bike as soon as possible or by the roadside when you cheer for our red & blue team.

Management board

predsednica kluba / team president

podpredsednik kluba / team vice president


Damir Dominić
Stane Fink
Janko Hrovat
Robert Kastelic
Rafko Križman
Damir Karpljuk
Tomaž Kastelic
Ljudmila Kastelec
Lovro Peterlin
MARKO KUMP sports director
SREČKO GLIVAR coach U13, U14, U15
DAMJAN PREVEJŠEK coach assistant
JAN BEVC mechanic

Activities of the team

  • professional cycling team,
  • organization of sport events,
  • upbringing of young cyclists.


»To create a healthy, active and responsible lifestyle with a passion for sport that transcends the moments of victories and defeats.«


»»To remain the best cycling team in Slovenia by achieving outstanding results, successfully bringing up the next generation of young cyclists and organizing sporting events.«


teamwork, tolerance, health, trust, a positive attitude to life, competitiveness, environmental awareness, honesty, dedication to the team, etc.