Nothing new in the East


Slovenia is in the wave of cycling euphoria thanks to Primož Roglič’s fantastic victory on Tour de France, meanwhile his ex team Adria Mobil is racing on the other part of the world, on the HC category race Tour of Qinghai Lake in China. Spaniard Jon Aberasturi won fifth stage, Italian Davide Mucelli is in the overall lead.


Strong winds again influenced on the outcome of the stage. Several riders also crashed in the battle for positions, team Adria Mobil Cycling was fortunate today and had nobody on the ground. Group of 40 cyclists battled for the victory. Among them were also all the best in the overall standing, so we didn’t got any changes there. Adria’s best cyclist today was again Radoslav Rogina, he was 17th on the stage and is still 10th overall.

Coach Boštjan Mervar: “Fifth stage took us half way around Qinghai Lake and was mostly flat. We expected even stronger side winds. Nevertheless it was strong enough to shape two bigger groups in the first part of the race. Our goal was to keep Radoslav safe, so he doesn’t loose anything ahead of tomorrow stage. We saw first important escape of five riders at 40 km to the finish, but teams with sprinters controlled everything. Winner was decided in the sprint, Spaniard Aberasturi Izaga Jon – winner of the first stage – won again.
I was immensely happy when I heard about Primož Roglič’s victory on Tour yesterday. I couldn’t watch the stage in live broadcast, but I’ll take a look at replay as soon as possible. I knew he’ll do it eventually, he is such a potential and he didn’t say the last word yet. I spend lots of great moments with Primož and that will stay with me forever. He learned fast, never did a same mistake twice, was always positive and didn’t got upset even when things didn’t went well. I’m glad that we are also a part of his success, he learned a lot with us and won couple of big stages. Goooo Rogla!”

Results – Stage V

Srečko Glivar
Photo: Adrian Hoe