Sent of gasoline on cyclocross race


Slovenian national cyclocross championships took place in Novo mesto, the race was organized by Cycling club Adria Mobil, JB Center and Fit club. Track was soaked, but number of competitors was still great. Fans were an attraction of their own, they supported everybody with loud horns and chain saws (without the chains of course…). Vladimir Kerkez (KD Šenčur) won the elite man race.


Lot’s of racers from more or less Slovenian teams came to Novo mesto for the national CX champs. Due to smaller amount of proper CX bikes and development of the sport we usually allow for mixed races of races with mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes, but this time Slovenian cycling federation insisted that only racers with CX bikes can compete for the title, the others raced in their own category. This is why only a small number of attendants entered the race for the championships title, all Adria’s cyclists also had to enter MTB race. Despite everything everybody fought like if the world title is at stake.

Fans were in great help to all racers, they brought loud horn and chain saws and created fantastic atmosphere and helped everybody on the hardest sections of the course.

Adria Mobil Cycling’s riders just started with preparations for the new season and didn’t have any special training for this race. But they still did great! Adria’s best was Aljaž Jarc – he won the title in the under 15 category.

Aljaž Jarc: “Cyclocros in Novo mesto is always an event that I look forward to, since this is a chance for road cyclists to race on different type of terrain. Track was technically challenging, which suit me, but the mud made everything attractive and fun. Atmosphere by the track was unbelievable and I was really happy to take this victory. I want to congratulate organizers for the great track and organization. I hope we’ll have better weather next time and that we’ll have even more fans by the course.”

Jaka Špoljar and Tin Hočevar, both Adria Mobil Cycling, took second and third in the under 15 category.

David Per was racing for Adria Mobil for the last time, he was sixth in the elite man race. Jon Božič was seventh.

Youngest cyclists were racing on the short, 400 m long loop and made the whole event even more interesting.

Everybody like the venue and the organization, which is the best reward for the organizers that invested a lot of effort in this race. Jure Zrimšek is the one who is pushing and promoting this discipline ahead in Novo mesto and takes most credits for the perfect organization.

Results (link)

Srečko Glivar
Photo: Goran Badovinac