Radoslav Rogina: “If necessary, I’ll give them hard time!”


Team Adria Mobil Cycling again choose touristic center Trije Kralji nad Slovenska Bistrica for first, introduction training camp. Center is not popular only in the winter, it’s becoming also a cycling destination. Team changed a lot and has a lot of younger riders, some of them meet for the first time. They also talked about plans and goals for 2017 season.


First training camp is always about introduction of the riders and staff and all formalities like gear check etc. Coach Boštjan Mervar also introduced racing plan and goals for next season. Team also did some training sessions.

Training was done mostly on mountain bikes or in hiking boots, this way spend around 3-4 hours each day, exploring nearby forest. Now they will go back home and train there, at least if the weather will be OK. Whole team will go to Slovenian Istria right after start of the new year and will have another team camp there.

Coach Boštjan Mervar: “First training camp was all about introductions. Each of the riders now knows how we do things and what is our racing plan for 2017 all about. Team is very diverse in terms of age, nationality and pre-dispositions. We did one day of hiking and two days of mountain biking on Pohorje, nature up there is amazing. We played bowling and table tennis in the evenings.”

Žiga Horvat: “First impressions are very good, atmosphere in the team is great and I believe we’ll work great in the upcoming season.”

Grega Gazvoda: “I liked this training camp. We had a lot of good food and this makes for the good atmosphere on its own. Young riders in the team were holding back a little bit, but we’ll soon know each other very well and I think we’ll work together just fine. Only think I didn’t like was the fog that was on Pohorje for the first two days.”

Radoslav Rogina: “We spend some good times here, I wouldn’t mind if we would stay there longer. We did good for the first training camp… we’ll see how we go into the season, I’ll give them hard time if necessary. Haha.”

TEAM FOR 2017: Radoslav Rogina, Jure Golčer, Gašper Katrašnik, Andrea Borso, Dušan Rajović, Gorazd Per, Žiga Horvat, Žiga Grošelj, Jon Božič and Gregor Gazvoda

Legendary mechanic Dejan Rifelj – Dejč is an important member of the team, one that can’t be replaced. He’ll wrench for our riders and also do some videos. He started with a video about our new team, that you can see here. There are some “moments” in the video, but they will soon pass and everything will go as planned.

Srečko Glivar
Photo & video: Dejč