Ahead of 5th GP Adria Mobil – Marko Kump will aim for a new victory


Fifth edition of the international cycling race Grand Prix Adria Mobil will take place on 7th of April, with start and finish in Novo mesto, Slovenia. 19 teams will be on the start, of course also the local team Adria Mobil Cycling with one of the race favorites Marko Kump. There will be a lot of events for kids as well!


Technical details of the race are known from the 2018 edition: 178 kilometers, mountain primes on Brezovica and Vahta, two larger laps with climb to Gabrje and three smaller loops around the Novo mesto downtown. Riders will cross the Main square five times, when they arrive to the square for the sixth time we’ll also get a race winner.

“Race has a good reputation, this is why we have good teams and cyclists on the race. They will all have the same goal – to beat best Slovenian riders on their home race,” said Race Director Bogdan Fink on the today’s press conference in the Adria Mobil headquarters in Novo mesto. He stressed that first and so far only Slovenian winner of this race will be racing again, of course that is no other than Marko Kump (KK Adria Mobil).

But it will not be easy to take a victory, as the competition is again very strong. Colombian team Coldeportes Bicicletas stands out with their climbers, who didn’t won the race yet. They might have success with the breakaway in 2019, but more likely scenario is the sprint finish with the battle of all the best sprinters on the race. Teams from Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Serbia will compete on the race, as well as all best Slovenian teams.

Marko Kump had this to say about the race: “I have fond memories on this race in 2015, when I took the victory. But the race has changed a lot since then, now the course is more challenging and more technical. Next to that we also know that cyclist create a hard race, and everybody will race against us since they know that victory is the only option for us. We’re already used to this and we know how to answer to that.”

The area around Main square in Novo mesto is completely renovated, so is the entry to the bridge before the finish line. The rule “first on the bridge, first across the finish line” is now forgotten and the race will be interesting till the very end.

Events for kids & a chance to win free holidays
Main square in Novo mesto will also host a number of races and events for kids. Organizers will have a race for all preschool children and kids up to 5th grade of primary school, races for Adria Mobil Cycling juniors and cycling obstacle challenge. There will be shirts & practical awards for everyone, as well as a nice desert!
Adria Mobil Cycling is also giving away nice prizes in the days ahead of the race, the last competition for the main prize – week long vacation in Adria Village Pakoštane in Croatia – will take place in the last week before the event. Everybody who is on Facebook can enter!

The tradition of the biggest Slovenian one-day road cycling event continues on 7th of April, and again represents just a start of the season for Adria Mobil Cycling team. So let’s round up with words from club’s president Mojca Novak who is always looking at the bigger picture: “We’ve organized first Grand Prix Adria Mobil in the honor of the high anniversary of our title sponsor, but with long-term plans and the desire to create a strong stop among the spring classics. We did that and we now have a strong competition on the race and we hope to organize it for many year to come.”

Schedule - GPAdria Mobil, 7th April 2019:
11.20-12.20 / Adria Mobil – presentation of the teams
12.30 / Adria Mobil – start of the race
14.00-14.30 / Main square – race for preschool children and kids up to the 5th grade of primary school
14.30-16.15 / Main square – race for Adria Mobil Cycling youth selections
14.00-16.00 / Main square – cycling obstacle challenge
16.30-17.30 / Main square – race finish & awards ceremony

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- Preliminary start list

PR Adria Mobil Cycling
Photo: Sportida, archive