High ambitions for refreshed team Adria Mobil Cycling, now with focus on track cycling as well


Official presentation of continental team Adria Mobil Cycling was held today in Novo mesto, this time around in the new Olympic training center that also includes indoor track, and in the company of the team’s junior selections!


Olympic training center Češča vas in Novo mesto, Slovenia is now official open – with new 250 meters long track and athletics field both under one roof. This is also where Cycling club Adria Mobil is based and where the new chapter for the club and Slovenian cycling begins.

“This is amazing addition for the cyclists of our own club, but also for the country and region – new indoor track is a facility that we’re dreaming about for the last 22 years and will enable high quality training and competitions,” said Adria Mobil Cycling’s director Bogdan Fink.

Track is 250 meters long and 7 meters wide, with incline up to 44 degrees; the surface of the track is made from Siberian Pine.

Adria Mobil Cycling also officially introduced all sections, foremost the refreshed continental squad that is now lead by renowned expert Branko Filip. Filip is very satisfied with the work that the team has done in the winter: “Last tests show that we did a good work and we’re ready for the start of the season. We had a team camp in Turkey and then individual training sessions in the south of Spain and Canary Islands, now we go back to Turkey for the first race of the season – Tour of Antalya. The race will be a real world test for our riders, we have to finish the race without any injuries and then go with full force on the next races. After Turkey we go to Rodos and then back to Slovenia for the Grand Prix Izola.” Filip will have 11 cyclists in the team this year: Radoslav Rogina, Jon Božič, Žiga Grošelj, Žiga Horvat, Aljaž Jarc, Gašper Katrašnik, Marko Kump, Aljaž Omrzel, David Per, Gorazd Per and Dušan Rajović.

Radoslav Rogina is the oldest member of the team and will be leading the riders on the races, but the riders that are in the spotlight right now are of course David Per and Marko Kump. Here is what they had to say:
RADOSLAV ROGINA: “Months of training are behind us, we’re ready for the new season. Initially we did have some issues with the weather, but it all worked out on the end, and now I can’t wait for the first races. We have a lot of fast cyclists in the team and we can expect good results.”

DAVID PER: “My brother Gorazd and I traveled to Spain after we came back from Turkey. We were in Calpe, the conditions for training are really good there. We had perfect weather and we also had perfect training. I think I’m on the right way to where I want to be ahead of the season. I’m looking forward to the first race with Adria Mobil.”

MARKO KUMP: “I’m back in Adria Mobil Cycling after four years. I can’t complain, everything was good in the jersey of foreign team, but I simply feel better in the home environment. I achieved my best results in this team and I hope that I didn’t said my last word in cycling yet. I know most of my teammates from before and we get along great. Tests showed some good numbers and I already look forward to the next challenges.”

New track for the future champions
Brank Filip will also take some of the duties in connection with the track – the cycling infrastructure that starts the new era of cycling in the region and beyond. “I’m bringing track experiences from the time when I was working in the UCI, now with the right conditions I want to give this discipline more of my time. This is certainly a long-term project, the stress will be on the development of young riders. I’m expecting first international results in the period from four to eight years from now. That long it takes to develop a top-level cyclist that is capable of top results on the track,” said Filip.

Adria Mobil Cycling also has a strong program for kids & youngsters, lead by Srečko Glivar and Josip Radaković. Boys and girls in the age up to 14 years old are mostly having fun on bikes, the main goal is to develop the passion for cycling, motivate them and connect with each other. Of course they also get a lesion in how to ride a bicycle on their own and in a group on a race. Results are second priority, first one is to have fun.
Older they get, the more professionally they train. Group from 15 to 18 years is split in two, younger cyclist are more focused on the basic training, meanwhile the older group already trains with specific goals.

President of the club Mojca Novak rounded up the presentation and again expressed special thanks to the sponsors that support the team, first and foremost to Adria Mobil – team’s principal sponsor since 2006. “I’m grateful to everyone that believe in what we do. Thanks to the general sponsors and thanks to all other sponsors. I’m proud to be part of a wonderful group of athletes and experts in different fields. I want that we follow the clear and high goals with hard work, training, devotion and enthusiasm. This means that we’re doing an excellent job and winning.”

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Photos: Sportida