Refreshed Adria Mobil Cycling is ready for 2019 season


Continental cycling team Adria Mobil has went through a series of changes and refreshments ahead of the new season, and like always has high ambitions, mainly to remain leading road cycling team in the region. Team will have 11 cyclists from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, and a new sports director!


We’ve announced a lot of changes and news in the last weeks, from how Aljaž Omrzel joined the elite riders, how Slovenian expert Branko Filip returned to the team, about the retirement of Golčer and Gazvoda and lately the great news about the signing of Marko Kump and David Per. Now we reveal the very last changes and give you the names of all the riders that will race for men elite team Adria Mobil Cycling in 2019.

New Sports Director Branko Filip (he’ll be also in charge or coordination of all other programs of Cycling club Adria Mobil) has the cyclists for all kind of races and profiles in his new team. Filip already announced a lot of changes in the program, but he’ll of course kept the distinct determination and aggressiveness that fuels the team on every races. After retirement of Jure Golčer and Grega Gazvoda the team also split ways with Jani Brajkovič and Croatian Josip Rumac, both will race for other teams in the future. Croatian veteran Radoslav Rogina will still gave his everything and for sure show a lesion or two on the hardest climbs. But the young and fresh blood is now dominating the team, with cyclists like Katrašnik, Božič, Horvat and Grošelj stepping up the leader, and after first big victories they are now ready to take on more responsibility. Team also gained a lot with the return of Marko Kump and David Per, both of them aiming at the very top.

New cyclists on the team were in the spotlight in the past weeks, now it’s only fair to hear what the others have to say:
Radoslav Rogina: “I’m glad I’ve decided to keep on racing also in 2019. I was thinking a lot about retirement from professional cycling and discovered that for now I can’t live without it. I can only thank the team management for their trust and believe that I still didn’t show everything. My personal ambitions are high as always, but I will not single out the individual races. For sure I will also have to assist others in the team as it is structured now. We all already meet on the training camp and I’m full of confidence that team will work great together. Most of them are young, but they are developing and learning and they are getting better an better. I hope I can control them and let them loose when necessary… Hahaha.”

Gašper Katrašnik: "I’m glad that I’ll stay in Adria Mobil Cycling. 2018 was my best season so far. Results showed that we did a good job and now we have to continue to work in this direction. Season just finished, but I already look forward to the next one and I’m sure it will be even better!”

Žiga Grošelj: “I’m very glad that I’m staying with the team for at least a year. This will be my third year for the team, I’ve got a lot of experiences in this time and also learned a lot from the older cyclist in the squad. At the same time I also got some very nice results. Now it’s time to step in the bigger shoes and take over more responsibility. I can’t wait for the new season to start, I’ll do everything not to disappoint the team and the other riders, but most of all myself. I’m always having high ambitions.”

New Sports Director Branko Filip knows what the goals and expectations are: “Team Adria Mobil Cycling wants to be leading road cycling team in the region, next to top results we also develop good cyclists into excellent ones and open them doors to the biggest teams out there. Radoslav Rogina will lead the rejuvenated team, he’ll be also a leader on the most important stage races. Our favorites for the flat and sprint stages are Marko Kump and Dušan Rajović, latter will also aim for top result on European and World Champs in U23 category. David Per, Žiga Grošelj in Gašper Katrašnik matured into excellent cyclists and it is expected from them to take victories now. Jon Božič will focus on the time-trial and try to take races in the breakaways. U23 cyclists Žiga Horvat, Gorazd Per, Aljaž Jarc and Aljaž Omrzel still need to get more experiences, they will also represent Slovenia in the Trophy of Nations cup for U23 cyclists.”

UCI continental team Adria Mobil for 2019 season:
Cyclists - Jon Božič, Žiga Grošelj, Žiga Horvat, Gašper Katrašnik, Marko Kump, Aljaž Jarc, Aljaž Omrzel, David Per, Gorazd Per, Dušan Rajovič (Serbia) & Radoslav Rogina (Croatia)
Športni direktor - Branko Filip

One shouldn’t forget that Adria Mobil Cycling also manages programs for kids and teens, and with that takes care of the future cycling champions. We’re also very excided about the opening of the new track in Novo mesto, the final pieces of the new wooden floors will be ready in January.

PR Adria Mobil
Photo: Mario Stiehl, Sportida, Adrian Hoe