Katrašnik takes three in a row


Gašper Katrašnik (Adria Mobil Cycling) has won GP Avtomojster in Podsmreka – final race of the Slovenian road cycling season – for the third time in a row! This is best way to round-up the season in which Gašper won six times in total.


70 kilometers long race on the loops in Podsmreka was decided by four riders that escaped early on. Gašper Kataršnik (Adria Mobil Cycling) was in the company of Jaka Primožič (Cycling team Kranj), Marko Pavlič (MebloJogi proConcrete) & Jure Rupnik (H&R Block Pro Cycling). Breakaway riders worked together and managed to create a gap of a minute and a half, which was enough to stay away from the rest of the cyclists and go head to head in the sprint finish. Gašper was strongest of the four, he crossed the finish line ahead of Rupnik and Primožič.

Gašper Katrašnik: “I wanted third consecutive victory on this race. It all started with the breakaway in the second lap, four of us escaped. We helped each other and managed to stay ahead of the peloton. I knew that I was the strongest in the sprinting and I confirmed that with the victory. I’m very happy with my season. Atmosphere in the team was good, and so were the results. We started the season with the victory on Cyprus and finished it with the victory in Podsmreka. This is a nice conclusion of the racing season, but we all of course want to do better in the next season.”

Race organizers made an exception and allowed the juniors to race together with the elite riders, with was great honor and experience for the upcoming talents. Adria Mobil’s Jan Bevc was fastest in the group of older juniors.

Adria Mobil Cycling
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