Dušan Rajović on the start of Croatia – Slovenia as a defending champion


Elite riders will race from Zagreb to Novo mesto on Sunday, with team Adria Mobil Cycling in the position of the defending champions. Non-professional cyclists will connect two neighbor countries as well, meanwhile the kids will have their own race in Novo mesto.


Cycling clubs Adria Mobil & Zagreb are organizers of the 11th road cycling race Croatia – Slovenia. First race was organized back in 2008, at the time it connected Ljubljana and Zagreb, capitals of Slovenia and Croatia. After 2013 the race name changed to Croatia – Slovenia, but the mission remains the same – to connect two neighboring countries with a cycling race.

Race will start on Sunday at 12:00 in Zagreb. After 105 kilometers the riders will arrive to Novo mesto for the first time, then they will do four more so-called Balkan laps. Race will finish on Seidlova road in Novo mesto.

Adria Mobil’s Dušan Rajovič is the defending champion, and he’ll lead the team also this time around. He’ll have Radoslav Rogina, Žiga Grošelj, Josip Rumac, Jon Božič, Gašper Katrašnik and Gregor Gazvoda on the race with him.

In total 21 teams from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland will compete on the race.

Races for everyone
Non-professional cyclists will connect Zagreb and Novo mesto as well – on the 80 kilometers long marathon. Kids will have their own races in Novo mesto, on the short routes, perfect for the youngest and a little bit older cyclists.

Previous winners of the race:
2008 Ljubljana – Zagreb: Robert Vrečer (Radenska Rog)
2009 Ljubljana – Zagreb: Robert Vrečer (Adria Mobil)
2010 Zagreb – Ljubljana: Matej Mugerli (Perutnina Ptuj)
2011 Zagreb – Ljubljana: Kristjan Fajt (Adria Mobil)
2012 Zagreb – Ljubljana: Marko Kump (Adria Mobil)
2013 Croatia – Slovenia: Riccardo Zoidl (Team Gourmetfein – Simplon)
2014 Croatia  – Slovenia: Primož Roglič (Adria Mobil)
2015 Croatia – Slovenia: Marko Kump (Adria Mobil)
2016 Croatia – Slovenia: Jannik Steimle (Team Felbermayr – Simplon Wels)
2017 Croatia – Slovenia: Dušan Rajović (Adria Mobil)

Adria Mobil Cycling