Tour of Dolenjska – mini “tour” for youth


Cycling club Adria Mobil and its partners Dolenjske Toplice, Kostanjevica na Krki and Novo mesto are organizing three-day road cycling race for kids, named Tour of Dolenjska (Po Dolenjski). Young cyclists with the age up to 17th years will race from 29th June to 1st July.


Club Adria Mobil is highly involved in the development of the young cyclists and is also organizing several events for them, but it hasn’t done a stage race for young riders for decades. Now it will, as this kind of events help in the development process of the future champions.

Race is open for cyclists of both genders, for the age group from 13 to 17 years old. Cyclists from Austria, Italy, Croatia, Serbia and best Slovenian cycling clubs will be on the start. Race will start on Friday at 5 p.m., with the race to Baza 20. On Saturday there will be a race on Kostanjevica island, start is at 1 p.m. On Sunday the race will start and finish in front of Adria Mobil factory in Novo mesto.

Traffic will be obstructed in the time of the race.

More about the race in the race bulletin.

Cycling club Adria Mobil