Adria Mobil ahead of hard challenge on Poland


Stage race CCC Tour - Grody Piastowskie will start today, Adria Mobil Cycling will start with seven cyclists. The race will be another great chance for the young riders of the team.


Sports director Srečko Glivar has selected seven cyclists that will race on CCC Tour - Grody Piastowskie: Dušan Rajović, Aljaž Jarc, Gregor Gazvoda, Gašper Katrašnik, Žiga Grošelj, Gorazd Per & Jon Božič.

Dušan was away from racing for a while, but is now fully recovered after the injury and will look for his chances in sprints. He’ll aim for high positions on today’s kriterium and also on the Friday’s “classical” stage. There will be also a time trail stage on Friday morning. Saturday and Sunday are reserved for climbers.

Team Adria Mobil Cycling has send predominantly young team to the race, but they are not rookies any more. Many of them showed great performance in the past races and they can again do very good – despite the strong competition from other continental teams.

Stages of the 2018 CCC Tour - Grody Piastowskie:
10th May - (Kriterium) Legnica
11th May - (Individual time trial) Polkowice - Polkowice, 16,2 km
11th May - Polkowice - Głogów, 97 km
12th May - Pieszyce - Bielawa, 140 km
13th May - Złotoryja - Jawor, 144 km

Race is ranked as UCI 2.2 and is part of UCI Europe Tour. Official website (link)

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