Dušan Rajović is winner of Slovenian Istria Grand Prix


Team Adria Mobil Cycling dominated the whole race on the Slovenian coast, and finished the day with new victory – thanks to Serbian sprinter Dušan Rajović. Race will be remembered also due to the freezing temperatures and strong wind, due to severe weather organizers even shortened the race.


All cyclists on the race deserve praise for their self-sacrifice and fierceness, weather conditions on today’s Slovenian Istria Grand Prix were really arctic. Temperatures were below zero, with strong wind made conditions even worse. Organizers decided to shorten the race from planned 157 kilometers to 106 kilometers, but the race was still very exciting!

Team Adria Mobil Cycling was in the role of the race protagonist from start to finish. Grega Gazvoda was in the escapee for quite a while, when he was caught Gašper Katrašnik took over and did his solo escape. Other teams were chasing and loosing precious power. Radoslav Rogina and Jure Golčer, two of the most experienced cyclists in the team, took over in the finish of the race and they mad sure Dušan Rajović had a good position for the sprint finish. Young Serbian cyclists took full advantage of the situation and crossed the finish line in Izola first! That was the victory for the whole team!

Austrian Daniel Auer (WSA-Pushbikers) and Brit Matthew Gibson (JLT Condor) took second and third.

Dušan Rajović: “Victory on the first Slovenian race of the season is really awarding. This is great motivation for myself and the whole team, and we can’t wait for the next races. I want to thank my team, guys really did a great job and prepared great position for the sprint.”

Sports Director Srečko Glivar: “This was one of the hardest races ever, this weather was no joke. But everything went as planned, there wasn’t a moment on the race that we would be in the inferior position. I congratulate the whole team and Dušan for the new victory!”

Next race for team Adria Mobil Cycling will take place on Wednesday in Croatian Istria. Six youngest riders on the team will race there, for them this will be great opportunity for learning and proving them selves.

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Photos: Vid Ponikvar / Sportida