Adria Mobil Cycling official jumps in the 2018 season


Slovenian continental team Adria Mobil Cycling officially introduced all riders and goals for the 2018 season. Biggest new name in the team's ranks is of course Jani Brajkovič, one of the most successful Slovenian cyclists of all times. He'll fit perfectly in the team that already has a mix of young talents and experienced cycling veterans.


Novo mesto is not just hometown of Cycling club Adria Mobil and it's title sponsor, but also a regional center of cycling and place where numerous professional cyclists grown and developed into champions. Next generation of young talents that in the Adria Mobil's ranks will also benefit from the upcoming development of the velodrome that will finally get a roof and will enable trainings throughout the year. Working with young talents was always one of the club’s pillars, which was also stressed by the club’s president Mojca Novak: “Adria Mobil Cycling is more than just a racing team, we are also organizing events for all cyclists and developing young cyclists. We have more young talents every year, and we help them with expertise and winning mentality. Some of them develop beyond club’s capabilities and then they go to leading global teams, many of them have important roles on the biggest races.” This is the story of the club and also the story of Jani Brajkovič, who is now back where everything started.

Team director Bogdan Fink also welcomed Brajkovič and shared his excitement about the team in general: “We got a lot of valuable experiences in the last season, we are now stronger – also thanks to Jani, and I’m sure of the success. We’re very happy with the 2018 team, it’s strongerr and bigger than planned. Now we also have more competition inside the team and riders will have to work harder to get on the races.”

Team Adria Mobil Cycling will have 12 cyclists in the 2018 season, all except thee are Slovenians: Jani Brajkovič, Jon Božič, Gregor Gazvoda, Jure Golčer, Žiga Grošelj, Žiga Horvat, Gašper Katrašnik, Gorazd Per, Dušan Rajović (Serbia), Radoslav Rogina (Croatia), Aljaž Jarc and Saad Alsaadi (Bahrain).

Jani Brajkovič had a small accident and will join his teammates soon, meanwhile Jure Golčer announced his retirement from the professional cycling towards the end of the season. After so many years on the bike and great victories – including overall victory on Tour of Slovenia – he’ll put his family and medical practice on the first place.

Croatian champion Radoslav Rogina will lead the team: “I have a very good feeling about the team. Last season was not our best, but we have new drive and we are full of motivation. We did some changes during the winter and I expect good things ahead of us!”

New sports director Srečko Glivar is also full of optimism and has a clear goal: “I want to win races. Victory is the only thing that really counts in cycling sport, and we’re so happy we started the season with victories on the stage race in Cyprus. Other races are now ahead of us, many of them will be much tougher, including Tour of Slovenia. It has developed in the very big race with lots of strong teams on the start, but we’ll not go there with a white flag, we’ll go there and #FightForGreen!”

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Photos: Vid Ponikvar / Sportida