45 Years of Cycling Impressions


Exhibition in the honor of 45th anniversary of cycling club from Novo mesto opened in the lobby of the Adria Mobil’s office building; at the same time we also celebrate 120 years of cycling in the Dolenjska region. Exhibition opened with the event 45 years of Cycling Impressions, on which the club Adria Mobil awarded best cyclists and most loyal partners and club sponsors.


“Life is weaved out of moments. Meanwhile the life of a sport club is weaved out of peaks – in the competitive, organizational and logistic sense and moments that leave a mark in time and space and create impressions. These are moments that will always remember, might that being the idea of a club, first small or later big successes of a teams and individual riders that made cycling history in the last 45 years. At the same time there are people that had grown, come to an age and left their mark in the club. They left their own strong impression,” is written in the anniversary bulleting that was published by the club and contains all important moments in the reach history of the club and cycling in the region.

There were a lot of turning points that left a mark in the club’s history and paved its path to the top. Like creation of the club in 1972 or 1985 when Sandi Papež won on the Balkan Championships. 1990 when Bogdan Fink won bronze on the junior World Championships race in England, 2004 when Jani Brajkovič joined the club and won time-trial world champs. And of course 2005 when Adria Mobil steps in as the title sponsor, and starts more than a decade of amazing seasons; including 2015 season when the team won 28 races!

There are also many individuals that marked the history, from Jože Majes to Brane Ralijan and later presidents Marjan Zupanc, Andrej Andrijanič and current, still very active president Mojca Novak that brought new energy to the club. Most of the club’s trainers came from competitive cycling, with vast experiences and priceless knowledge – from Ivan Turk to Janez Jagodic and later from Milan Eržen to Stane Fink and Sandi Papež, Srečko Glivar, Boštjan Mervar and others. We’re talking about legends that were trusted by City of Novo mesto and big names in the industry – from the former Novoteks, Pionir and later Krka, Telekom and today Adria Mobil and Fiat.

“Together they were creating – and they still do – exceptional cycling stories. They are leaving marks. Mighty impressions,” also says in the bulletin.

Exhibition shows the path of the best Slovenian cycling team in words & pictures, at the same time it also shows the development of cycling through the years.

Exhibition 45 Years of Cycling Impressions is opened to the public – every day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., in the Adria Mobil’s office in Novo mesto (Straška cesta 50, 8000 Novo mesto).

Adria Mobil Cycling
Photo: BOBO