Dušan Rajović wins Croatia – Serbia


Adria Mobil’s cyclist, Serbian Dušan Rajović won international cycling race Croatia – Slovenia. He was fastest in the sprint of eighteen cyclists that arrived to Main square in Novo mesto with a big lead ahead of main peloton. Second was Luka Čotar (Cycling team Kranj), third was Žiga Jerman (Rog Ljubljana).


Riders felt a lot of heat on the roads from Zagreb to Novo mesto, the temperature was constantly over 30 degrees Celsius. Around 15 cyclists escape on the half of the race, later also some others joined. Dušan Rajović was also among them, he caught the last train to join fastest group. Almost all the teams had at least one rider up in the front, so the gap grew and we quickly knew that somebody from group would win.

Dušan Rajović was the best in the sprint finish, that is his third victory in the season. He was tired and exhausted, but still had some energy for the comment of the race: “Today I was suffering for the whole day. Pace was extremely high, it was hot and climb created a lot of problems for me. Radoslav Rogina was with me all the time and he helped me to stay in touch with the leaders. Last of the four laps was the hardest, riders were attacking all the time. I’m really happy that I won this race, it means a lot to me.”


Race winners

2008 Ljubljana – Zagreb: Robert Vrečer (Radenska)

2009 Ljubljana – Zagreb: Robert Vrečer (Adria Mobil)

2010 Zagreb – Ljubljana: Matej Mugerli (Perutnina Ptuj)

2011 Zagreb – Ljubljana: Kristjan Fajt (Adria Mobil)

2012 Zagreb – Ljubljana: Marko Kump (Adria Mobil)

2013 Croatia – Slovenia: Riccardo Zoidl (Team Gourmetfein – Simplon)

2014 Croatia – Slovenia: Primož Roglič (Adria Mobil)

2015 Croatia – Slovenia: Marko Kump (Adria Mobil)

2016 Croatia – Slovenia: Jannik Steimle (Team Felbermayr - Simplon Wels)

2017 Croatia – Slovenia: Dušan Rajović (Adria Mobil)


Results Croatia – Slovenia 2017


Srečko Glivar

Photos: Damir Kovačič